Calcium Carbide

    Other Trading Names:

    • Calcium Acetylide
    • Calcium Percarbide
    • Calcium Dicarbide
    • CaC2

    Types of Packaging

    • Iron drums with 50kg weight capacity per drum
    • Iron drums with 100kg weight capacity per drum

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    Calcium Carbide is an inorganic compound having the chemical formula CaC2. It is also commonly known as Calcium Acetylide. Buy Calcium Carbide Online

    Chemical Appearance

    Calcium Carbide in its pure form is colorless but its technical grade pieces are grey or brown in color. They consist of approximately 80-85% Calcium Carbide, the rest is calcium oxide, calcium phosphide, calcium sulfide, and calcium nitride etc. Calcium Carbide emits an unpleasant garlic like odor in the presence of moisture. It reacts violently with water.

    Chemical Applications and Strengths

    Calcium Carbide is an extremely efficient chemical compound and therefore, has many industrial applications. Its main applications and strengths are:

    • Primarily, Calcium Carbide is use for the production of acetylene and calcium hydroxide. The reaction of Calcium Carbide with water results in the formation of these two.
    • Acetylene made from Calcium Carbide is use for the production of polyvinyl chloride.
    • Calcium Carbide is also used for the production of calcium cyanamide. For this, Calcium Carbide is reacted with nitrogen at high temperature.
    • Calcium Carbide has various applications in steelmaking.
    • It is use for the desulfurization of iron.
    • It is use as a fuel to increase the scrap ratio to liquid iron.
    • At the ladle treatment facilities, it is used as a powerful deoxidiser.
    • Calcium Carbide is used in carbide lamps too.
    • Use along with calcium phosphide in floating and self igniting naval signal flares.
    • It is use to determine the amount of moisture in soil.
    • Also, It is use as a mole repellant.

    Storage: Calcium Carbide is extremely hazardous. Too many ashes will cause an explosion, so it should be strictly controlled.

    Item Index
    Gas Yield 20°C 101.3KpaL/Kg≥ Size Gas Yield Size % Ash %
    Top A Grade Accept Grade ≥90 ≤1
    2-4mm 295 240 240
    4-7mm 295 260 260
    7-15mm 295 270 270
    15-25mm 295 285 285
    25-50mm 300 295 295
    50-80mm 300 295 295
    80-200mm 300 295 295
    pH % (V/V) ≤ 0.032
    H2S % (V/V) ≤ 0.015

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