Calcium Formate 98%

    Other Trading Names:

    • Calcium Diformate
    • Formic Acid Calcium Salt
    • Calcoform
    • E238

    Types of Packaging

    • PP bags with 25kg weight capacity per bag
    • Kraft bags with 25kg weight capacity per bag
    • Big bags with 1200kg weight capacity per bag

    FOB Price (Per Ton)

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    Firstly, Chemical Appearance

    Calcium Formate 98% has the appearance of white crystals or crystalline powder. It smells slightly like acetic acid. It is soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol and methanol.

    Secondly, Chemical Applications and Strengths

    Calcium Formate 98% is an extremely efficient chemical compound and therefore, has many industrial applications. Its main applications and strengths are:

    • Firstly, Calcium Formate 98% is used as an animal feed preservative. It acidifies the feed and by doing so, it prevents the growth of microbes and increases the shelf life of the feed. It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.
    • Secondly, It is used as a masking agent in chrome tanning of leather because it enhances the efficiency of leather penetration of the chrome.
    • Thirdly, Calcium Formate is also used as a replacement of formic acid for the pickling process.
    • Fourthly, It is also used as a grout and cement additive. It adds desirable properties to the final products. It helps increase hardness and decrease the setting time.
    • Also, It prevents the corrosion of metal substrates within cement or grout.
    • Furthermore, It very effectively prevents efflorescence.
    • More so, Calcium Formate functions as a fire retardant in drywall.
    • In addition, Its mixtures with urea are very effective deicers. These cause less corrosion of steel and cement surfaces.
    Item Value
    Content 98% min
    Calcium 30.1% min
    Moisture 0.5% max
    Water insolubles 0.5% max
    pH 10% Water Soluble 5-7.5
    Heavy Metal as Pb 0.002% max
    As 0.002% max


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