Caustic Soda Pearls 99 % (Sodium Hydroxide Pearls 99%)

    Other Trading Names:

    • Sodium Hydroxide
    • Beadlets


    Type of Packaging :

    • 25KGS/BAG PP
    • 1MT in jumbo bag

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    Caustic soda pearls appear as white spherical or semi-spherical granules with slightly perceptible color. Caustic soda pearls are water-soluble with an exothermic reaction, and they depict stability in normal conditions. Sodium hydroxide is a highly alkaline substance that dissociates completely in water into sodium and hydroxyl ions. Buy Caustic Soda Pearls Online

    Chemical application and strengths:

      • Firstly, Caustic soda pearls or Sodium Hydroxide is one of the important inorganic materials for various industries all over the world. The major demand for caustic soda is evident in the paper industry for the pulping and bleaching process. Caustic soda is also a crucial raw material in aluminum production for dissolving bauxite ore.
      • Secondly, Caustic soda also finds many uses in the applications for degreasing and treatment of packaging in the food industry. The use of caustic soda is also prominent in chemical processing as a basic feedstock for various downstream products like plastics, solvents, etc.
      • Also, Caustic soda pearls also help in engendering the saponification of vegetable oils and fats required for manufacturing soaps. Caustic soda also finds applications in the textile industry for chemical processing of cotton. Most important of all, caustic soda is significantly important for the natural gas industry, where it helps in the production and processing of petroleum products.
    • In addition, Caustic soda is also important for elution stripping of gold that is adsorbed onto activated carbon. The mixture of caustic soda and cyanide interacts with carbon for extracting gold from the carbon. Special conditions of temperature, pH, and the flow rate of elution are highly important to the effectiveness of caustic soda in elution stripping.


    Fraction of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda, sodium hydrate) (NaOH) total mass, %, min 99.5 99.0
    Fraction of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) total mass, %, max 0.5 1.0
    Fraction of sodium chloride total mass, %, max 0.005 0.01
    Fraction of sulfates (SO4) total mass, %, max 0.005 0.005
    Fraction of iron converted to iron oxide (Fe2O3) total mass, %, max 0.002 0.004
    Fraction of mercury total mass, %, max 0.0001 0.0001


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