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Buy Chloroprene Rubber CR2444 Online, A xanthogen or dodecyl mercaptan modified polychloroprene rubber with fast crystallization rate and high bonding strength at room temperature. The density is 1.23 . It is similar to Denka’s A range as A-90 and Du Pont’s neoprene AD range as AD-20. 

ppearance: Milk white chips.

For making Chloroprene adhesives. The Chloroprene adhesives are used for bonding rubber, leather, fiber, metal, wood, cement products, etc.

Packing: Packed in bags, 25kg net weight each.
Shelf Life: One year below 30℃ from the date of production

Index Specification
Viscosity in 5% toluene solution (mPa.s) CR2440 12-24
CR2441 25-34
CR2442 35-33
CR2443 54-75
CR2444 76-115
CR244A 116-140
CR244B ≥ 140
Peel Strength (N/cm ≥) 90
Volatile (%≤) 1.2
Ash (%≤) 1.2

CR 244 Series Neoprene (Chloroprene Rubber) are dithiodiisopropyl xanthate-modified polychloroprene rubber with fast crystallization rate,high cohesion force and adhesion strength at normal temperature.
Used for production of adhesives.
Similar to the DuPont’s AD-10/AD-20/AD-30/AD-40 and Denka’s A-70/A-90/A-100/A-120 neoprene.
Package: woven polypropylene lined-kraft paper bags width a release polythene liner, Net. Weight 25 Kgs.
Storage life: one year below 25 ℃ from the date of production.


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