Ferric Chloride 96%

Other Trading Names:

  • Iron(III) chloride
  • Iron trichloride
  • trichloroiron
  • Iron perchloride


Type of Packaging :

  • 50kg black drums
  • Loading 23 tons / 20ft container

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    • Firstly, Ferric Chloride Anhydrous 96% is a dark grey to black powder. Iron(III) chloride is very toxic when in contact with humans or aquatic life. It is very hazardous in case of ingestion, skin contact (irritant), eye contact (irritant), ir inhalation. Buy Ferric Chloride 96% Online
    • Secondly, When forming a solution, Ferric chloride turns into a yellowish color.
    • Also, Iron(III) chloride has a low melting point and has a boiling point of 315 °C.

Chemical Application and Strengths:

The chemical is highly reactive with other soluble metal elements in the water. Uses include:

    • Firstly, Coagulation. In the process the iron anions attach to the negative element ions in water to form a precipitate or suspended solid.
    • Secondly, These solids can then be remove from the water during filtration. This is a common method of purifying drinking water to a high as 85% purity.
    • Also, Wastewater treatment plants to precipitate phosphorus. Phosphorus is one of the major elements found in raw sewage that leads to eutrophication of large water bodies.
    • Furthermore, Eutrophication is the process of enriching the water bodies with nutrients from outside the ecosystem. It often leads to the imbalance of the ecosystem as algae and other aquatic plants invade the water body in large numbers due to the presence of enough nutrients.
    • Treatment of raw sewage to prevent the production of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is a highly corrosive and poisonous gas that is produced after microbial breakdown on organic materials where oxygen is absent such as sewerage.
  • Sludge conditioning. This is the process by which solids in sludges area treated with chemicals so that the sludge can be dewatered. Essentially, these chemicals create compounds that sediment in or precipitate in the sludge allowing the water to be removed without losing any of the metal elements.
Description Specifications Specifications
Ferric chloride(Fecl3)w/% ≥ 96.0 96.8%
Ferrous chloride(Fecl2)w/% ≤ 2.0 1.5%
Insoluble residue w/% ≤1.5 1.2%


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