Sodium Amyl Xanthate (SAX)

Other Trading Names:

  • SAX
  • Xanthate

Types of Packaging

  • 110kg-180kg weight capacity per drum
  • 850kg-900kg weight capacity per wooden box
  • 25kg-50kg weight capacity per bag

FOB Price (Per Ton)

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Buy Sodium Amyl Xanthate Online

Buy Sodium Amyl Xanthate Online (SAX) is a sightly yellow or grey yellow powder or pellet. It is soluble in water and decomposes easily in the presence of acid and heat. It has a very pungent odour.

Chemical Applications and Strengths

Sodium Amyl Xanthate (SAX) is an extremely efficient chemical compound and therefore, has many industrial applications. It is most widely used as a very strong  collector in the mining industry. Its main applications and strengths are:

  • It is used as a collector in the mining industry. Collectors are chemicals that selectively attach to the surface of the mineral, making the mineral hydrophobic. Hydrophobicity is necessary for air bubble attachment in the precious metal extraction processes.
  • Sodium Amyl Xanthate is the most powerful collector among the xanthates.
  • Extensively use in the flotation process of sulfide ores. It works as an excellent collector for the flotation of Copper Nickel sulfide ores as well as gold associated with pyrite.
  • Also use in the flotation process of non ferrous metal minerals.
  • Is use in various hydrometallurgical processes.
  • It is also use as a vulcanisation accelerator for the rubber industry.
  • Being a powerful collector it is use in rougher flotation processes.

Storage: This chemical must be stored in a cool, dry and very well ventilated area. It should strictly  be kept away from heat, water, and moisture.

Item Value
Xanthate Purity % 90%
Free Alkali % 0.2.
Moisture and volatile % 4


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