Sodium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate / Dithiophosphate BS 49% – 53%

Other trading names

  • Sodium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate
  • Orica DSP 002
  • O – Dibutyl Dithiophosphate
  • O – Dibutyl Hydrogen Dithiophosphate
  • Dibutyldithiophosphoric Acid

Types of Packaging

  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000kg capacity/drum
  • Use steel drum with 170kg/drum capacity and plastic drum with 200kg/drum capacity

FOB Price (Per Ton)

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Buy Sodium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate Online

Buy Sodium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate Online or Dithiophosphate IBS has a yellowish and dark brown colored appearance. It comes in a stable liquid form which has no strong smell. It has a PH level of 10 to 13.

Chemical application and strength

Dithiophosphate IBS or Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiophosphate is a very good collector of nickel, zinc minerals (activated), and copper ores. It is also use within gold harvesting plants because of its ability to increase harvest of precious metals.

  • In the process of depressing iron sulphides, high levels of pH is needed which makes this floater the ideal one to use.
  • Also great in the recovery process of refractory gold which is contained in sulphide matrices
  • Compared to most collectors of sulphide, only a small amount of Dithiophosphate IBS is needed in the flotation process.
  • This floater gives maximum value in recovering precious metals.
  • It has a very minimal frothing ability which is why frothing agents are naturally use with it.
  • Very strong and faster collector than a range of thiol collectors, but more selective.
  • Compared to other xanthates, it is very selective of iron sulfide in the alkaline circuit.
  • It is soluble in water.
Index Value
PH Range 10 – 13
Sodium Disbutyldithiophosphate % 49% – 53%
Expiry Date 2 years or 24 months
Dosage 10g – 70g per ton


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