Non Ferric Aluminium Sulfate GRANULAR 16% (Non-Ferrous)

Other Trading Names:

  • Cake alum
  • Filter alum
  • Papermaker’s alum
  • Flocculant


Type of Packaging :

  • 25kg PP/PE/bag
  • 50kg PP/PE/bag

FOB Price (Per Ton)

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Non Ferric Aluminium Sulfate GRANULAR

Non Ferric Aluminium Sulfate GRANULAR, The chemical appears as some translucent flakes, granules or powder. It tends to cake when exposed to an atmosphere will high concentrations of moisture or when water is poured on it. It is highly water soluble and not toxic to the users.

Chemical application and strengths:

    • Firstly, The substance is not reactive with most of the naturally occurring elements. However, it reacts with sodium bicarbonate to form a thick blanket of carbon dioxide. A foam stabilizer is added to the reaction to create a viable carbon dioxide layer that can effectively lock out oxygen from the burning material. This is the most common substance in many fire extinguishers used in Japan and India.


    • Secondly, It is also use as a firming industry in the human food industry, especially for starch. It commonly called E520. The same substance is also use in animal feeds to deal with bacteria that may be lurking around. In addition, it is use a deodorant and a septic for use in small superficial wounds. It has also shown effectiveness in improving immunogenicity vaccine for people who have problems with their immunity.


    • Furthermore, The other common usage is water purification. Here, it reacts with metal elements in the water to form insoluble substances. These particles then sediment below the container where they can be removed through sieving. This process is called flocculation or coagulation and is common among water suppliers and bottlers.


  • In addition, Textile printers use aluminum sulfate as a dye fixer or a mordant. It attached itself to the color and prevent it from running when we wash, It can also be use to adjust the soil PH. In the soil, it hydroxides aluminum hydroxide with the acid that was in the soil. This results t in the soil becoming more neural.
Index Specification
Aluminium oxide Al2O3 % min 16


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