Rutile Titanium Dioxide 94% (Sulfate R-298)- Paints And Coatings

Other Trading Names:

  • Rutile titanium dioxide


Type of Packaging :

  • 25kg bag
  • 500kg bag
  • 1000kg bag

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Rutile Titanium Dioxide 94% Online

Rutile Titanium Dioxide 94% Online appears as a white powder. It does not have any distinctive odor and has low absorption in oil and water. This allows it to be used in a variety of applications where oil and water are to be kept out. Rutile Titanium Dioxide 94% Online

Chemical application and strengths:
Polyvinyl alcohol has quality adhesive and emulsifying properties. It has high flexibility and tensile strength. It is insoluble and resists organic solvents, grease, and oil. It has strong aroma and high oxygen barrier properties. Most of these properties are dependent on humidity levels with high levels reducing its tensile strength.

R-298 Titanium Dioxide Recommended Applications:

    • Carpentry paint
    • Ink
    • Architectural coating
    • Hard plastic
    • Industrial Paint

Chemical Applications and Strengths:

    • Titanium Dioxide Sulfate has a high dispersibility in water and solvent systems. It also has excellent gloss retention capabilities.

Main Applications of Titanium Dioxide:

    • These characteristics allow it to be used in several applications; key amongst them is that it is used in the production of varnishes and paints. This accounts for over 80% of the product’s consumption.
    • The product is also used to make pigments for applications such as the production of printing inks, cosmetic products, rubber, and fiber.
    • The product is also popular in the production of food coloring in the food production industry.
    • In the paint industry, rutile titanium dioxide is used to make finishes and exterior coatings. Due to its excellent gloss retention, it helps maintain items and coatings looking glossy for a long period.
    • It is also used for coating containers to prevent corrosion.
    • Much of the other applications include its use in the production of a pure form of titanium, glass ceramics, and glass.
    • Its binding properties come into play in enhancing the binding of the layer of coating on the material in question.
    • Titanium is also an effective catalyst in a number of chemical reactions and thus used in making catalysts.
Index Specifications
TiO2 content % -≥93.5
Brightness % -≥95.0
Volatile at 105 °C -≤0.5
pH 6.0-9.0
Oil absorption -≤19
Residue on sieve (45 um) -≤0.02
Tinting strength Reynolds number ≥1920
Rutile content- ≥98
Dispersibility ≥6.50
ISO591-1:2000(E) R2
ASTM D476-00 V


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