Triisopropanolamine (TIPA) 85%

    Other Trading Names:

    • Tris (2-hydroxypropyl) amine
    • Tri-2-propanolamine
    • Tris (2-propanol) amine


    Type of Packaging :

    • 200kg net iron drums
    • 20 tons flexibags
    • 1000kg net IBC drums

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    Triisopropanolamine (TIPA) 85% Online

    Triisopropanolamine (TIPA) 85% appears as a colorless to pale yellow liquid. TIPA emits a slightly ammonia-like odor with a boiling point of TIPA of 305 degrees C. Triisopropanolamine (TIPA) 85% Online

    Chemical application and strengths:
    TIPA has four main applications:
    1. Cement industry – TIPA is commonly used a cement grinding additives. It increases the strength of cement and other mixtures for cement
    2. Metallurgy – TIPA is used as antioxidants and coolant and prevent corrosion in metals
    3. Polyurethane industry – preliminary usage as a agent and catalyst to improve PU quality
    4. Textile industry – TIPA is used as refining agent and other dye specific agent properties

      • TIPA is an effective emulsifier, stabilizer, neutralizer, and chemical intermediate for achieving the objectives of alkalinity, basicity, and buffering. TIPA is a good cross-linker that is ideal for special niche water-based coating applications. It provides promising functionality in the case of waterborne coatings through its strengths for acid neutralization.
      • In addition, TIPA also improves water solubility alongside restricting organic acids in water, improvement of package stability. Subsequently, TIPA also helps in the reduction of water-sensitivity as well as discoloration. The other applications of TIPA are evident as herbicides, fungicides, algaecides, and pesticides due to its better water solubility and freeze stability. In addition, it also helps in the neutralization of acidic herbicides alongside other acidic components
      • In Many other prominent applications of TIPA 85% are evident in the form of antistat agents for polymers, lubricants, plastics, paper manufacturing, corrosion inhibitor, and pigment dispersion. The additional applications of TIPA also include electrodeposition/electroplating applications as well as their use as reaction intermediates and surfactants. TIPA is also suitable as a polyurethane additive and urethane manufacturing alongside mineral dispersion and rubber curing applications such as termination of the curing chain in isoprene polymerization.
    • The addition of TIPA in cement and concrete is responsible for improving grinding efficiency, thereby providing effective energy savings. The construction industry gets lots of savings through the water-reducing properties of TIPA that prevent clumping or agglomeration.
    Index Specification
    Melting Point 45 0C
    Boiling Point 305 0C
    Physical Form (25 0C) Crystalline Solid
    Specific Gravity (25/4 0C) 1.0
    Flash Point 130 0C
    Viscosity (60 0C) 141 mPas
    Odor Faint ammoniacal odor
    Color Colorless to yellowish


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